Sunday, November 15, 2009

For "P"

After some prodding from my dear friend, P, who recently started her own fantastic blog (, I have decided to return to the world of blogging....even if she and I are the only ones that look at each others blogs! So this one is for P, who seems to like a green smoothie as much as I do. It really is a great way to add a extra serving or two of veggies without compromising any flavor of the smoothie.
This mornings smoothie is not pretty to look at, which I why I did not take a picture of the end result. It is however, quite delicious and ridiculously high in anti-oxidants.
Pics to come as I can't seem to download pictures right now.....

unsweetened vanilla almond milk
handful organic baby spinach
half a banana
one packet Sambazon acai puree
half a scoop of green vibrance greens powder
half a scoop of vanilla Spiru-tein protein powder

Blend and enjoy.

I love adding green vibrance to my smoothies as its so good for you! A wonderful client gave it to me a few moths ago, after I had complained about the horrific taste of many greens powders. http://http//

I also like adding the acai puree when I don't have a lot of fresh fruit i the house as its a great hit of anti-oxidants. http://http//

1 comment: said...

so glad you're back! i've missed your blog. it feels like i get to "see" you when i read it. welcome back:)